Green Machines: Celebrating 175 Years of John Deere

For generations, farming and the name John Deere -- with its green tractors and equipment -- have been an interwoven mix that has produced great success and great memories.

“Green Machines: Celebrating 175 Years of John Deere” features tractors from 1929-1952, as well as other implements and toys.

In 2012, Deere & Company marks the 175th anniversary of its existence, which began when company founder John Deere successfully manufactured and marketed the self-scouring plow in 1837. John Deere is the world’s leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment.

Much of the tractors and equipment in the exhibit comes from the collection of Norman Ruebush of Silver City. Other items in the exhibit include a couple of engines, a horse-drawn cultivator, a corn sheller, a cream separator, and a walking breaking plow. The exhibit also features some John Deere toy tractors and videos of the machines at work.