Quilts from Museum's collection on display

Feb 07, 2013

Thirty-two beautiful quilts from the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum’s collection are featured in a new exhibit that opens in the Traditions Gallery on Feb. 8.

“Stitches in Time: Quilts from the Museum’s Collection” is a colorful display of quilts that were created from 1830 to 1970.

The exhibit includes panels that discuss the history of quilting, the role quilting played in communities, as well as a glossary of quilting terms. There also is an interactive area where children can put together quilt puzzles.

Verline Pribula, a volunteer who demonstrates quilting each Thursday morning at the museum, said her favorite is the “Crazy Quilt,” which was created in 1883 and features hand-placed silk, satin, cotton and velvet fabrics using embroidery stitches. It has embroidered designs, cotton batting and a silk backing.

Quilting in North America is traced to the arrival of the English colonists. American settlers brought their quilt-making skills and patterns to New Mexico Territory in the mid-to-late 1800s. Mail-order catalogs and railroad shipment allowed women in rural areas better access to fabrics and sewing tools, and magazines and newspapers started publishing patterns and quilting articles. Both utility and decorative quilts became common in New Mexico. Everyday utility quilts were tied patchwork quilts made with recycled fabrics. Decorative quilts displayed the quilting expertise of the maker, and were usually created using commercial patterns and specific fabrics.

The exhibit will be on display through March 23, 2014.


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