Nirmal Khandan

 Grace in Motion is a compilation of portraits of hummingbird species common to this region interacting with local flora. I hope viewers will appreciate the up-close view of nature’s mutualism, the dependence hummingbirds and flora have with each other. Hummingbirds collect their nectar needs from flowers and help flowers with pollination. Hummingbirds provide a valuable service to the ecosystem.

As a nature/wildlife photographer, I have been sharing with my family, friends, and social media the joy and pleasure of creating photographs of hummingbirds. Through this exhibit, I hope to share my photography with visitors fascinated by hummingbirds and their aerial acrobatics.

Please contact Nirmal Khandan for any art purchase. (575) 520-0004 • On Display - April 14, 2023 - July 30, 2023

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