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Our sincere thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their support of this project: Mark and Kathy Cox Dale and Sharon Owen Gerry Veara Human Systems Research New Mexico Museum of Space History Rio Grande Historical Collections NMSU  White Sands Missile Range Museum  WSMR Environmental Division Cultural Resource Program Special thanks to Jim Eckles, Co-Curator…

Outdoor Laboratory

Outdoor Laboratory At the end of WWII, the nation was ready for peace but research and development continued on a small scale at WSMR. When the Soviet Union developed its own atomic weapons in the late 1940s, the United States found itself in an arms race. The United States accelerated its development and testing programs…

Ranchers Lose, the Country Wins

Ranchers Lose, the Country Wins During the 1950s and 60s, most of the ranchers realized they were not getting their land back and moved on to other endeavors. Beginning in 1970, ranch unit leases no longer included public domain lands, leaving only small privately owned parcels and dramatically reducing annual fees paid to ranchers.  By…

Video of V-2 Missile Tests

V-2 Missile Testing Video Raising the plutonium bomb to the top of the tower at Trinity Site.Photo courtesy Los Alamos National Laboratory. History of the Atom Bomb video Play

The V-2 at White Sands Proving Ground

The V-2 at White Sands Proving Ground The V-2s paved the way for manned space exploration. Many scientific experiments were conducted using the V-2. National Geographic Magazine installed a camera on board and took “look-down” photos of the Earth. The photos showed the curvature of the Earth and meteorologists recognized that looking at weather from…

V-2 Mechanics

V-2 Schematic Design. Photo courtesy of New Mexico Museum of Space History  V-2 Mechanics The V-2 had large fins on the tail section to provide stability and a nose cone where the warhead was normally located. At White Sands, the nose cone was used to house various instruments and experiments.

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