The beautiful photography of farming in the Mesilla Valley is featured in a spectacular new exhibit at the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum.

The free opening reception for “Jay Hill: Our Wholesome Valley,” is 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Jan. 19 and refreshments are included.

Jay Hill’s life as a farmer in the Las Cruces area took on an artistic side when he began taking pictures in 2012. Since then, his dramatic photographs have captured the beauty of modern farming in the Las Cruces area.

In his brief time of sharing his pictures, he has received much acclaim and has developed an impressive following on social media and throughout the community. This exhibit features 23 of his photographs and all are for sale.

Hill’s work as a farmer is more than a job; it’s more of a calling. The passion he has for this profession is obvious in his work.

“For so many, the thought of modern agriculture removes the beauty of the profession,” said Hill. “We have traded the horse and mule for tractors and precision equipment. My journey into agriculture found me wanting to show the world the beauty that exists in modern agriculture.

“The backdrop of farming in shadows of the Organ Mountains makes my voice clear,” he said. “There is a true beauty and purity in working the land. To take a seed and watch it grow into a plant that puts a meal on a family’s table is a humbling experience that is also highly rewarding. These photos are a snapshot into my day-to-day life as a farmer in New Mexico.”

The exhibit will be on display in the Museum’s Arts Corridor through April 2, 2017.

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