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Outreach and Special Presentations

Let the Museum come to you with one of our unique outreach programs. Featuring everything from hands-on corn grinding to weaving, the Museum’s engaging presentations will boost your classroom curriculum or enhance your community event.

Call Education Department for pricing and availability. (Nominal travel expenses are often required for long distance outreach.)

Classroom Presentations

The Museum offers a variety of outreach presentations designed for educators who wish to expand their curriculum. Presentations are multi-disciplinary, addressing common core standards in social studies, language arts, science, and math. Presentations are subject to scheduling and staff availability. Our current offerings:

  • Cowboys and cattle trails: Meet a trail boss from 1870 and experience the life of a cattle drover. Students will learn about the tools and clothes of cowboys and participate in a cattle drive role-play. (Pre-K thru high school).
  • Museums 101: What do curators do? How is an exhibit created? Students will explore the basics of museum work with artifact puzzles and a museum jobs role-play. (2nd grade thru high school).
  • American Indian agriculture: Learn about the amazing innovations developed by early farmers. Students will grind corn with a mano and metate, learn how to use a digging stick, and discover the importance of water conservation. (Pre-K thru high school).
  • Spanish colonial life: Meet a Spanish colonial trader and hear about his many travels on El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro. Students will learn about the many new crops and animals introduced by the Spanish and take part in a colonial caravan role-play. (Pre-K thru high school).
  • Wool is cool: Learn about sheep and where wool comes from. Hands-on demonstrations allow students to try spinning, carding and weaving wool. (Pre-K thru 5th grade).
  • Farming the land: Meet a Great Depression era farmer and learn about the importance of soil conservation and how farming in the 1930s compares to today. Students will sort seeds and create a plan for a mock farm. (Pre-K thru high school).
  • Time travel through history: Experience 4,000 years of New Mexico agriculture through an imaginative audio visual display and living history performance. Your classroom or school auditorium is transformed into a time machine. (Pre-K thru high school).
  • National History Day: Representatives visit your school and introduce students to the National History Day competition. They can also assist you & your students with project development. Contact New Mexico History Day Coordinator, Trevor Carter at 505 633-7372 for more information.

Fairs and community events

The Museum‘s education department sets up demonstrations at fairs and other community gatherings. From living history performances to wool spinning, education staff and volunteers travel New Mexico to teach audiences about New Mexico’s rich agricultural heritage.
Nominal travel expenses are often required for long distance outreach. Call for details.

Programs & education

The Museum has a lot to offer. Come on over and see what's happening at your Museum!

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