The Dairy Spot

Dairy Spot Interior

The Dairy Spot: Discovery Center is a fun, colorful venue for families to learn about dairy products and the industry in New Mexico.


With child-friendly interactive exhibits, this newly renovated space has a brighter, livelier look that includes a multi-use public space that can be used for everything from demonstrations to children’s birthday parties.

The Southwest Dairy Farmers’ $30,000 donation to the Museum in 2022 made the renovation possible. The partnership between Southwest Dairy Farmers and the Museum is a natural one, sharing the goal of preserving the history of dairy farming in New Mexico and educating the public about this important industry.

Dairy Spot Interior 3
Dairy Spot Interior 2

Visitors to The Dairy Spot will enjoy videos of ice cream making, the process of pasteurization, and farm to table. Some of the topics featured in The Dairy Spot are the breeds of dairy cattle, sources of milk from around the world, a cow’s anatomy, nutrition, cheese, ice cream, butter, and lots of fun facts. Among the interactives are a butter churn, a cheese fridge, and an “I spy” activity featuring a house with various dairy products.

The dairy industry plays an important role in the story of New Mexico agriculture. The first cattle were brought into this region by the Spanish in 1598, so dairy farming has a long, rich history in this region.

The importance of dairies in New Mexico is reflected in the national statistics where the state currently ranks ninth in milk production and fifth in cheese production. This partnership with Southwest Dairy Farmers helps put the Museum in regular contact with experts in the industry, providing the latest information and technology.

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