Wheels & Gears

gears wheels

Wheels & Gears is a long-term exhibit in the Museum’s Heritage Gallery that features a collection of wagons, buggies, vehicles and implements from different eras in New Mexico.

“To see such a variety of items with wheels and gears together, all of which have contributed in some way to New Mexico’s agricultural history, is so interesting and exciting because you relate to how ‘getting around in New Mexico’ has really changed over the years,” said the museum’s Chief Curator, Toni Laumbach.

The exhibit features:

• Carreta wheel hub (1840-1850) made of cottonwood that was discovered half-buried along the northern edge of what is now White Sands National Monument
• 1936 half-ton International Harvester pickup truck
• 1924 Model T Roadster
• Gasoline pump that dates to the 1920s
• Delivery wagon from 1895
• 1900 buckboard wagon used on a ranch near Grants, N.M.
• 1900 piano box buggy
• Chuck wagon that was used from 1890 to 1949
• Nut tree knocker from 1949
• John Deere hay baler that was used from 1979 to 1987
• Aerometer windmill that dates back to 1935
• Basque sheepwagon
• 1900 canopy-top surrey
• Runabout buggy (1900-1929)
• Various wheel tools and parts
• 100 years of New Mexico license plates

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